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Laser Hair Removal with a written warranty in Long Island NY Permanent hair removal treatment alternatives for men and women Smooth hairless skin achieved with safe secure effective laser treatments with virtually no pain for all skin types and all complexions Learn how laser technology offers the best assurance of eliminating unwanted body and facial hair permanently
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Affordable Long Island Hair Removal - Our Guarantee

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Written Warranty

A written 2-year guarantee will be given to all patients that receive and complete any treatment packages they purchased. Some restrictions may apply.

The patient must have complied with the treatment protocols, pre-treatment and post-treatment care and have all treatment performed within the prescribed time.

No Additional Cost

The guarantee will be for a period of (2) two years from the day of the first treatment. The guarantee will assure that Affordable Laser Hair Removal, LLC will at its own cost and expense provide additional laser hair removal treatments, to the maximal extent possible, to all patients that have any re-growth to achieve the maximal aesthetic goal of the patient.

Feel free to contact us with any special questions you may have regarding our warranty program.

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